Active Transportation Commission

The Batavia Active Transportation Commission advises the city government in developing policies to support bicycling, walking, and public transportation, and the City of Batavia Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. The Commission works with the community to help develop educational programs, events, and materials to promote safe biking, walking and public transporation in Batavia.

The Batavia mayor appoints eight Batavia residents to serve on Batavia Bicycle Commission, and one city employee liaison. The 2023 members are: 

  • Regan Boll
  • Joshua Einstein-Curtis
  • Steve Ericksen
  • Brett Garrett
  • Jared Heck
  • Amy Moore
  • Jen Ress
  • Joanne Spitz
  • City Staff Liaison (interim), Batavia Police Officer Jamie Goschey 

The Bicycle Commission meets at 7 p.m. the second Monday of each month at the Batavia City Hall. The meetings are open to the public. For agendas and meeting minutes please visit the agenda center.