Shed Building Requirements

Before Starting

A storage shed is defined as an accessory structure under Batavia’s Zoning Code. An accessory structure of 120 square feet and less is considered a storage shed.

A building permit is required for all storage sheds, no matter what type or size.

Sheds, when not attached to the primary structure, shall comply with accessory building setbacks established in the City of Batavia Zoning Code. Please verify your property zoning and setbacks with the Community Development Department.

Storage sheds may not be placed on utility or drainage easements.

Maximum height for a shed is 10’, measured from the finished floor to the main roof eave.

Any shed that is five feet (5’) or less from the principal structure shall meet one hour fire resistance construction from both sides of the storage shed walls, unless the storage shed is constructed entirely of metal or other non-combustible components.

Application Procedure

Submit a completed Building Permit Application to the Building Division of the Community Development Department.

Pay required minimum submittal fee.

Attach two copies of drawings to the application showing the construction details, see attached sample.

Attach two copies of the plat of survey showing the location of the shed, setbacks to property lines, easements and all utilities (electric, gas, phone, sewer, water, etc.) (sample attached) Survey shall be to scale, not reduced or enlarged when copied.

Attach one copy of contractor’s contract for valuation purposes. If no contract is submitted or the property owner is acting as the contractor, the current ICC Building Valuation Data cost per square foot will be used.

Homeowner/Contractor Responsibilities

Call J.U.L.I.E (Joint Underground Location for Inspectors and Engineers) at least 48

hours prior to any digging to locate any underground utilities (Dial 811 or visit

Schedule the required inspections with the City of Batavia Building Division at least 48 hours in advance to insure that we can meet your schedule.

Make sure that the work is ready for inspection before the inspector arrives. To avoid a re-inspection fee, please cancel the inspection if the work is not ready.


Sample Construction Details
shed example

Shown above is a composite drawing of elevations of the storage shed to be built. Also acceptable are drawings of each separate elevation (each side of the shed).

Wall and Roof Section

shed wall and roof

Optional Storage Shed Foundation Types

shed-optional shed foundation

Plat of Survey example

shed-plat of survey_shed