Freedom of Information Act Request

The City of Batavia is committed to the principles of open government and strives to provide the information requested by the public in a timely manner. The City provides a large amount of frequently requested information on its website for ease of access to the public:

  • The City’s calendar contains links to all available meeting minutes and agendas going back to January of 2012. Each agenda in this section generally contains links with pdf copies of every piece of legislation under consideration and the staff memorandum describing that item.
  • Agendas for upcoming meetings (including links to items for discussion) are linked to the city’s homepage.
  • The city’s municipal code can be found online. Every effort is made to keep the online code up-to-date. But some very recently approved items may not yet be part of the document.

The City is required by law to respond to your request within 5 business days in most circumstances. If you have any questions about our Freedom of Information Policy, you can contact us at 630-454-2000.

To make a FOIA request, please complete this form.