Planning & Zoning Fees

On June 7, 2010. The Batavia City Council approved Ordinance 10-16, An ordinance revising portions of Title 3 of the Batavia Municipal Code relating to Zoning and Subdivision Plat fees. Effective June 8, 2010, the following Fee Schedule shall be used for determining fees for items requiring the following approvals.

Fee & Deposit Schedule

Application TypeFee
Variance - Residential$200
Variance - Non-residential$750
Zoning Appeal$200
Design Review - Small (1 acre or less, or sign only)$500
Design Review - Large (Over 1 acre)$500 (Note 1)
Administrative Design Review
Wall Signs
Administrative Design Review - All Other

Design Review - Single Family Preliminary Subdivision Plat50% of Current Design Review Fee
Conditional (Special) Use Permit$500
Administrative Use Permit$250
Planned Development Overlay$500 (Note 1)
Amendment to Zoning Map (Rezoning)$700
Amendment to Text of Zoning Code$500
Annexation - 1 lot or less than 1 acre$500
Annexation - More than 1 lot or 1 acre$500 (Note 2)
Amendment to Annexation Agreement50% of Current Annexation Fee
Subdivision - Preliminary Plat$500 (Note 1)
Subdivision - Final Plat$300
Amendment to Comprehensive Plan$500
Research$50/hour - $25 min

In addition to these fees, Ordinance 13-40 (PDF) created an Engineering Escrow for the review of engineering plans associated with zoning or subdivision applications. Please see the attached ordinance for an explanation of the escrow account and its use.

Engineering Deposit

Number of Review ItemsUnder 5 Acres5 to 15 Acres16 to 75 AcresOver 75 Acres
2 or 3$2,000$4,000$5,000$7,000
4 or more$3,000$5,000$7,000$10,000


Applicant must reimburse the city for expenses incurred with public hearing notice and recording of documents

In addition to the above fees, any person, firm, corporation or agent filing an application for annexation or amendment to an existing annexation agreement, shall, whether or not said application as acted upon, approved or disapproved, reimburse the city for its reasonable attorney fees and reasonable consulting planner and/or engineer fees expended in connection with said applications including the annexation agreement negotiated in connection with said application.

  1. Add $200 per additional acre over 1 acre or fraction thereof
  2. Add $500 per additional acre over 1 acre or fraction thereof up to 10 acres, plus $200 per additional acre or fraction thereof over 10 acres