Cemetery Information


The City of Batavia has two cemeteries:

West Batavia Cemetery: 900 S. Batavia Ave.

East Batavia Cemetery: 1100 N. Washington Ave.


For information about arranging a burial, or buying a burial plot, or a space in the Columbarium, please call 630-454-2400.


Plot prices and burial fees change annually. The most current prices are listed in this PDF.


The West Batavia Cemetery has a Columbarium and Ossuary Vault in which you may inter remains. There are several options for niche faceplate engraving, row placement, and the ossuary vault in the center of the columbarium. For details please refer to this PDF, or call 630-454-2400.

Cemetery Cleanup

Please note, April 1 and Nov. 1 each year the Batavia Street Division cleans up the cemeteries. To assist the cleanup effort, decorations or personal items placed on gravesites should be removed prior to those dates.