Sharps Disposal


You may also follow these instructions for safe disposal of needles:

  • Clearly label container Sharps, Do Not Recycle with a bold marker.
  • Containers more than half-full should be disposed of. Do not cram them full.
  • Put sharps in point-first.
  • Sharps should be placed in the sharps container immediately after use.
  • Store sharps in a closed container with the cap screwed on until disposal.
  • Use a puncture-proof sharps container, which can be purchased at pharmacies. Alternatively, hard plastic household containers, such as laundry detergent containers, may be used. No milk jugs or coffee cans can be used.
  • When the container is half full, tape lid on securely with duct tape and place in trash.

For more information contact Kane County Recycles.