Residential Services FAQs

  1. What are city hall's business hours?
  2. Who do I call with questions or to report a problem?
  3. What is Alert Batavia / CodeRED?
  4. How do I apply for overnight parking?
  5. When is brush picked up by the city?
  6. How does the snow removal process work? Are there parking restrictions?
  7. Can I view my Utility Bill online?
  8. Does the city have watering restrictions?
  9. When are fire hydrants flushed?
  10. Who takes care of the trees in the parkway?
  11. Does the city require me to purchase vehicle stickers?
  12. Am I required to license my pets?
  13. Can I pay my utility bill electronically?
  14. How are code violations discovered?
  15. How do I notify the city about a possible code violation?
  16. What is the procedure for following up on possible code violations?
  17. What penalties results from code violations?
  18. What time should my trash be out?
  19. Do I need to separate my recyclables?
  20. How can I dispose of large items or construction debris?
  21. Is there a limit on the amount of recyclables that can be placed out each week for collection?
  22. How can I dispose of paint cans or hazardous materials?
  23. Do I need to rinse containers and remove labels? What about pizza boxes?
  24. How can I recycle batteries?
  25. How do I change my refuse cart size?
  26. How do I change my refuse cart size?
  27. When are engineering inspections required?
  28. When are permits required?
  29. What aspects of the City Code is the Community Development Department responsible for enforcing?
  30. What is zoning?
  31. What is my property zoned? What regulations must I follow?
  32. Is my property conforming or non-conforming? What does this mean?
  33. I own a business and would like to display a temporary sign: do I need a permit?
  34. What is annexation?
  35. Is my property in the City of Batavia?
  36. What are TIF Districts?
  37. Is my property in a TIF District?
  38. Who is responsible for home maintenance?
  39. Why should you do regular home maintenance?
  40. What is considered home maintenance?
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