Premise Alert Program

Premise Alert Program Legislation

The Illinois Premise Alert Act requires public safety agencies with Computer Aided Dispatch programs to have a Premise Alert Program to maintain information on individuals with special needs within their coverage area. The goal is to assist public safety agencies -- fire, police, and emergency medical services -- in more knowledgeable care through advance notice of special needs. These agencies are required to accept notifications from special needs individuals, their families, or caregivers. These agencies are then required to be able to identify and be aware of these situations when responding to calls or encounters with these individuals.

 Residents of the City of Batavia and those within the Batavia Township Fire Protection District can submit forms to participate in the Premise Alert Program. Because of the nature of the information in these forms, the must be submitted directly to either of the Batavia Fire Department stations, 800 E. Wilson St., or 1400 W. Main St.

The Premise Alert Program notification forms expire after two years, so please be sure to resubmit the form when appropriate. 

More Information

Any questions on the Premise Alert Program, please email Deputy Chief Craig Hanson or call him at 630-454-2100.

Premise Alert Program Forms