Parkway Tree Program

The City of Batavia offers its residents the opportunity to purchase a parkway tree as part of its commitment to reforestation in Batavia. The program is funded by the general fund and the Electric Utility. The available species are locally grown, quality trees that do well in City parkways. We offer a variety of species each year to provide a diversified parkway tree population for our community. As it is important to maintain diversity within the City’s urban forest, the 50/50 Parkway Tree program includes both trees that are native to Illinois and others which are not. 

The 2023 50/50 Parkway Tree Program Request Form may be submitted online or a paper form can be requested.    Applications for the fall program are now closed.  Please check back in the spring.

  • Due to the popularity of the program, trees are limited to one per address. If requests exceed our allocation for a particular species, you may be notified that we are unable supply a tree for you.
  • The City of Batavia reserves the right to adjust the location of the tree if it will interfere with underground utilities. Minimum spacing is generally 40’ between trees and 10’ from driveways, manholes, and hydrants. Only lower-growth trees can be planted beneath overhead wires. Taller trees are limited to parkways without overhead wires.
  • Resident pays one-half of the tree cost. Invoices will be sent after planting occurs.
  • Fall species are planted sometime in September/October depending upon weather conditions.  Care instructions will be sent when tree is planted, and resident is responsible for watering after planting.  The City will have the tree on a regular pruning cycle once it is established.  
  • Balled and burlapped trees are approximately 2.0" in diameter and 6’-12’ high at time of planting, depending on species.  The small container trees are 3/4" - 1-1/4" diameter. The top of the tree’s root ball is planted about 3" above existing grade.   
  • Resident cost includes tree, planting, and mulch. 
  • Trees are guaranteed for the first growing season, subject to inspection by a tree expert of the City’s choice.
  • Eligible residents will receive a confirmation by e-mail or regular mail after the request period has closed (if applicable), indicating the species they will receive. The confirmation should be acknowledged and returned by the deadline date in the instructions. At time of confirmation, residents will also be asked to place a stake in the parkway in the desired planting location. A City of Batavia representative will field check the location and mark the adjacent curb with paint; the stake can be removed once the curb is marked. If we find the tree will interfere with overhead/ underground utilities or it is too close to the driveway or other trees, you will be notified that we are unable to fulfill your request.

For those interested in purchasing and planting their own trees, the Batavia Municipal Code lists specifications for acceptable trees and placement.

The fall 2023 program is closed.