Sidewalk Removal and Replacement Program

Each year the City of Batavia performs maintenance to repair its sidewalks. These repairs ensure pedestrian safety as well as reduce liability for property owners and the city.

The timeline for those repairs begins in the fall. Residents and businesses are asked to report sidewalk issues by Oct. 31. City staff then reviews these requests to determine if they qualify for repair and if so, repairs are typically scheduled for the following construction season.

Sidewalk repairs and replacement are completed by the city at no additional cost to residents and/or businesses.

Tuneven-sidewalko be considered for repair, sidewalks must have one or more of the following conditions: (please refer to the images on the left).

  1. Walks must be sunken or risen to a height difference of one inch or more between two sidewalk panels. 
  2. The sidewalk panel is broken or separated into three or more pieces.
  3. 50 percent or more of the surface has deteriorated. 

The city's engineering department manages the sidewalk repair program. To report a sidewalk you believe is in need of repair, and meets one of the above criteria, call 630-454-2750. A city staff member will evaluate that sidewalk to determine if it qualifies for repair.

For a complete list of sidewalk repairs planned for 2022, please see the attached PDF.

If you want to hire a private contractor to repair or replace your sidewalk, there are specific reimbursement guidelines. For guidelines, please see this Reimbursement Guideline PDF.

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The City of Batavia has a plan for adding sidewalks in the city where none currently exist. To learn more about the plan, please see the new sidewalk policy document (PDF).