Highlands Electric Upgrade

The City of Batavia Municipal Electric Utility is in the process of upgrading the overhead electrical system within the Highlands, which will include; E. Fabyan Pkwy, Thoria Rd, Surrey Rd, Orion Rd, Davis Rd, Douglas Rd, N. Prairie St and Mavis Rd. For the next several weeks, depending upon weather conditions, you will observe workmen from the City of Batavia Electric Utility accessing the work area, which could include backyards. If we need to access your backyard you will be notified prior to us entering.
Once Batavia Electric Crews have set the new pole and transferred the electrical components, we will cut off the pole about ½ way up. This will leave the Comcast wires and AT&T wires on the pole and once those utilities are transferred we will remove the old pole.
Restoration if needed will begin once all the work is completed.
We do anticipate power outages along with this work. The outage is anticipated to be of short duration and you will be notified in advance.

Electric Upgrade Map