City of Batavia Business Resources

The City of Batavia is proud of its heritage as one of the leading industrial communities in the Midwest. We also take pride in having attracted new industries and global company headquarters to our town. Batavia is also the site of the world-class research facility Fermilab. But it's the people who run these businesses that make Batavia a great destination for work, business, entertainment, retail, entertainment and dining. Below are some resources to assist you on your business journey.

Contacts and links

Small Business Development Center at Waubonsee Community College
 As part of the Illinois Small Business Development Center, small business owners, both prospective and existing, can obtain essential management, marketing, and financial coaching. They offer a no-cost one-on-one coaching and a wide variety of low-cost events and workshops to make your business a success.
 SCORE is part of the U.S. Small Business Organization which provides business mentors that can help you start, grow, or transition your business. They will match you with a mentor in your area.

Batavia City Codes
Check to discover local requirements for your business. The codes are listed in Title 3 Business and License Regulation in the Batavia Municipal Code.

Liquor Licensing
 The City of Batavia is governed by the Illinois Liquor Control Act which allows for various city ordinances to meet the needs of residents and businesses.

Batavia Zoning
 Visit the city’s zoning map to discover what types of businesses are allowed in an area. The map allows you to search by address to learn its zoning use.

Zoning Code
 Batavia’s zoning regulations are listed under Title 10 of the Batavia Municipal Code. Zoning regulations also contain information about parking, signage, and restrictions.

The City of Batavia requires permits for all construction projects within the city. City staff recommend hiring a professional, state-licensed architect to prepare your plans. Contact the City of Batavia Building Commissioner, 630-454-2700 if you have questions.

Professional inspections may be required for plumbing, electrical, building, mechanical equipment, fire safety and public health. Contact the City of Batavia Building Commissioner, 630-454-2700 if you have questions.

Batavia Chamber of Commerce
 Help promote your business through a membership with the Batavia Chamber of Commerce.

Batavia MainStreet
 A Main Street America organization that helps create a vital downtown.

Business Roadmap

If you are considering opening a small business or expanding your existing Batavia business, we have a business roadmap that can guide you through the process, suggesting resources along the way. Download the Batavia Business Roadmap (PDF)

Business Roadmap

business roadmap PDF