Solar / Renewable Energy

If you are considering or planning to install self-generation power such as solar, wind, water, or battery power, please keep in mind that there are zoning, building code and permit requirements that the contractor installing your system will need to comply with.

Solar Power

For solar power installation projects, please review the following FAQs:

Electric Vehicle Home Charging

Residents are required to obtain a permit from the city if they are replacing or making modifications to their electrical panel inside their house to install an electric vehicle charger. When you obtain a permit, the city’s inspector will review the completed work to ensure the work in compliance with the city's electrical code and is safe for the resident. Any unpermitted work by and unqualified contractor puts the resident at risk of violations of city code which will result in penalty.  

Visit the City's Building Permit Applications webpage for details on electric service permits.

Electric Vehicle Home Charging Station Rebate Program

The City of Batavia has a rebate program to encourage residents to purchase and install a home electric vehicle charging station. For program details, please see the Electric Vehicle Home Charging Station Rebate Program (PDF)