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Committee of the Whole Agenda
Tuesday, April 11, 2023
7:00 PM  Council Chambers 1st Floor

Hybrid Meeting


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Roll Call


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Approve Minutes for: February 28, 2023 and March 28, 2023


Items Removed/Added/Changed


Matters from the Public (For Items NOT on Agenda)


Consent Agenda:

(The consent agenda is made up of items recommended by city staff that require recommendation to the full City Council by the Cow. This agenda is placed as a separate item of the COW agenda. The items on the consent agenda are usually minor items, already budgeted, standard non-policy activities or outgrowths of earlier meetings and are voted on as a “package” in the interest of saving time on non-controversial issues. However, any council member may, by simple request, have an item removed and placed on the “regular” agenda.).

a.  Ordinance 23-10:  Amending the Land Use Map of the City of Batavia Comprehensive Plan for Portions of 305 North Van Nortwick Avenue – Batavia Public School District 101, Applicant (DR 4/04/23) CD

b.  Ordinance 23-11:  Ordinance 23-11:  Amending the Official Zoning Map for Portions of 305 North Van Nortwick Avenue – Batavia Public School District 101, Applicant (DR 4/04/23) CD

c.   Ordinance 23-15: Amending the Official Zoning Map for 1176 Ward & 1201 Mckee Street- City of Batavia, Applicant (ZE 4/04/23) CD

d.   Resolution 23-054-R: A Plat of Vacation of Easement for Winding Creek Phase 1 – Pulte Home Company LLC, Applicant (ZE 4/04/23) CD


Discussion: Permit Processing Review Consultant (SCB/JA 4/3/23)


Continuation of a Public Hearing: Public Hearing: (Continued From 3/14/23): Revocation of a Conditional Use For Crash Champions


Ordinance 23-04: Revocation Of Conditional Use Ordinance 16-67 Crash Champions, 2080 Main Street Per 5.404-C Of The Batavia Zoning Code (DR 4/04/23) CD


Initial Land Use Proposal Review for Noble Square Development 500 North Randall Road


Discussion: Notice of Intent to Award to ____ for Phase IIA Improvements to the Wastewater Treatment Facility


Resolution 23-052-R: Authorizing Execution of a Five-Year Contract with ________ for Solid Waste Services (GH 04-04-23) CS


Ordinance 23-14: Amend Title 3 Chapter 3 of the Batavia Municipal Code Revising Batavia’s Liquor Control Ordinances (LN 04/04/23) GS


Project Status




Executive Session: Purchase of Real Estate