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Posted on: August 30, 2023

50/50 Parkway Tree Program Choices Explained


The City of Batavia provided 13 varieties of tree species for the spring, summer and fall 50/50 programs this year. 

The available trees change slightly every year to encourage diversity in the city's planting efforts. That means both native and non-native to Illinois species are offered throughout the three programs. For example, four non-native trees were offered with the 50/50 program this fall, but natives were included with the spring and summer 50/50 programs. Those included three varieties of oaks, ironwood, and horse chestnut. Other species planted this year were hybrids of Illinois natives, being London planetree and two different elms. 

The city has offered additional natives in the 50/50 program in previous years which were not included this year and there are several natives that are not acceptable in parkways.

Tree availability and seasonality factor into the trees considered for the list. Plant diversity is something the city has been working on for more than 20 years, this means  maples (mainly sugar maple or hybrids of red) are rarely included in the 50/50 program due to the city's existing maple inventory exceeding 40%.  Planting location is another factor considered. For example, trees that thrive in the older sections of town may not work well in newer neighborhoods due to soil conditions. Additionally, the older section of Batavia has overhead wires, so  lower growing trees are included for those areas.

For those who wish to plant trees outside of the 50/50 program, the Batavia Municipal code provides guidance that allows residents to plant their parkways with plantings assuming they are maintained and meet the restrictions within the code.

For questions about the parkway tree program or for additional information, please visit or call 630-454-2400.

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