Where does the city’s water come from?
The city’s water supply is a combination of deep and shallow well water. The deep wells are drilled into the Ironton/Galesville Aquifer and the shallow wells are drilled into the St. Charles Aquifer. The city’s wells vary in depth from 150 feet - 1,500 feet.

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1. Where does the city’s water come from?
2. Does Batavia’s water meet all of the federal and state EPA drinking water standards?
3. What is Batavia’s water hardness? Do I need a water softener?
4. Batavia charges for water per 100 cubic feet.; how much is 100 cubic feet?
5. How do you get the water readings every month?
6. Is it beneficial to get a home filtration system?
7. What would cause my water to smell?
8. What would cause a sewer gas smell to come from my drain?
9. What would cause low water pressure?
10. Is there lead in our water?
11. Why does the city require me to get my lawn irrigation system inspected each year?