Who takes care of the trees in the parkway?

In general, the city owns and maintains the trees in the parkway. Trees are inspected and pruned when necessary during the winter months. We ask that residents help out by watering the trees when they are new or during drought conditions. If there is a problem with a tree in the parkway, please call the Public Properties and Services Division at 630-454-2400.

The city has a Parkway Tree Program that allows residents to request the planting of new trees in the parkway in front of their residence. The city offers several different varieties of trees each year, and the cost of the tree is split 50/50 between the city and the homeowner.

If you would like to plant a tree on your own in the parkway, or if you need to remove a tree in the parkway, you will need a permit from the city.

Tree Planting/Removal Permit

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