What are the impacts of mosquito spray treatments on caterpillars, butterflies or lightning bugs?

This one gets tricky and can be very product specific, but generally, the answer is, have no fear!  Yes, certain active ingredients in pesticides may be toxic to beneficial insects upon direct exposure.  But when it comes to mosquito control, four key things reduce this risk:  

1.  We don’t spray just the active ingredients.  We use highly-refined formulations, most of which are made with less than 5% of an active ingredient.  

2.  ULV treatments deliver a very, very small amount of product optimized to control mosquitoes--usually about 1 tablespoon or less to treat an acre (which is rouhly four typical suburban home lots or a football field). Why so little?  Because the dose is specific to mosquitoes, which are much smaller in weight than most beneficial insects.  For reference, mosquitoes weigh between 2 and 10 mg each.  A firefly weighs at least 20 mg.  

3.  Next, that very small amount of product is delivered in super-tiny droplets--think 15 droplets on a pin head.  The droplets float through the air and work by making physical contact with adult mosquitoes in-flight.  

4.  And lastly, we spray at night when mosquitoes are active and other beneficial insects are not.  

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