Why can’t the City extend the leaf collection program?

In short – winter weather. We use the same dump trucks for snowplowing and salting as we do leaf collection, so we need those trucks ready to go out on the road. It takes a full week to pull off all the leaf collection equipment and add on plow blades, salt, etc. In six of the last eight years, our first major snowfall or ice event, which required all plow trucks to treat streets and make them safe for drivers and police and fire vehicles, took place the first week in December or sooner.

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1. Why doesn't the City allow leaves to be raked out in the street?
2. The leaves haven’t fallen yet. Why does the City start curbside collection so early?
3. Why can’t the City extend the leaf collection program?
4. Why can't the leaf-to-plow changeover happen gradually instead of all at once so that some trucks can remain on leaf duty?
5. Why does the City use the same trucks for leaf collection and snow removal? Wouldn’t using separate equipment be more efficient?
6. Isn’t this program meant to pick up all of my leaves?
7. Why is it better for the environment to keep fallen leaves in my yard?
8. Why doesn’t the City make adjustments when leaves don’t fall as quickly?