Nicholas Cerone

Elected Officials
Title: Ward 6 City Council Member
Phone: 630-890-4515

As an alderman, Nick Cerone states: "I am essentially a city council member serving on a board of 14 aldermen and we are responsible for a large variety of duties necessary for the continued function of the municipality. The most prevalent of these responsibilities is urban planning and zoning. This means that the aldermen must work to determine the continued economic development of the community, how public works projects are handled and where parks on publicly-owned lands will go."

He adds: "An alderman also is involved in establishing a budget, accounting for tax collections, hiring the required staff for city functions, most notably fire and police services. He is also responsible, with the mayor, to ultimately enforce municipal, state and federal laws when they impact the city and its residents. Nick is a graduate of the Charles Kallstadt School of Business at DePaul University and a graduate of the Northern Illinois University School of Business and is Partner/Director of Operations at Give Your Kid a Million.  


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